Most folks don't know it, but Herman Munster was a HAM RADIO
OPERATOR! In episode number 18, which first aired on January 21,
1965 Herman is goofing around with his ham radio set (which is
apparently a homebrew -naturally- transceiver with headphones,
microphone, large horn style speaker, a large quantity of tubes, one
HUGE tube and a bank of dry cell batteries) when he overhears some
kids playing Martian with their walkie-talkies. Naturally the kids lead
Herman and Grandpa into thinking there really ARE Martians on Earth,
and being good citizens they notify the airforce. Most significant trivia
we learn from this episode is Hermans call: W6XRL4 above is a rare
copy of Hermans QSL card:

I have to give credit to the KCJEZ KCLUA KCSBC webpage for this info. It
was too funny to pass up. Also W2UGS (SK) for sending the CQ audio clip.